Penguin CNC EMPEROR 6090

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The go-to machine for aluminum and wood

The EMPEROR is perfect for manufacturers producing small parts at volume, or the aspiring home based manufacturer who needs a versatile machine capable of machining a variety of materials with high accuracy. It is equally suited for producing prototypes or batching production runs.

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The EMPEROR CNC machine is your go to machine when you need a desktop CNC machine.

It is equipped with Servo motors for all axis and able to cut aluminum with ease, without compromising speed or accuracy.

It’s compact, it’s efficient and it is still an accurate and fast machine.

On top of the basic setup, you can get allot of add-on items like stand-alone mist cooling, 4HP water cooled spindle, vacuum table and allot more.

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Each and every Penguin CNC Machine is supplied with a starter kit including bits, collets, Wrenches, spare parts and anything else needed to start working immediately.



Additional information


2.2kw water cooled spindle

Spindle speed

24,000 RPM


Movement speed: 10m / sec
Cutting speed: 6m / sec


2.2kw VFD

Working area

90cm X 60cm X 20cm


Leadshine servo motors on all axis

Linear motion

Taiwan ball screws and 20 mm Rails on all axis

Repositioning resolution



T-slot table


DSP A11 system


Auto tool height sensor, Dust boot with easy access door, starter kit including all you need to start machining, flow indicator for the spindle cooling pump

Available upgrades

Stand alone mist cooling
Powerful dust collection unit
Fourth axis attachment
DSP B51 color controller


AC220V/50-60Hz, 1-phase

Available Upgrades

3kw Spindle upgrade – 304$

Give your CNC  a powerful boost with our 3 kilowatt, 4 horse power spindle.
Stronger spindle will allow you to cut harder materials and will keep a consistent speed when hitting a harder spot like a knot in a wood.

4th Axis addon – 837$

Add the ability to cut your material from all sides, resulting in a perfect sphere or just making the entire job in one consistent run.

This upgrade requires an upgrade to the controller, which is included in the price.

Mist coolant for Aluminum cutting – 304$

A must have addition to a CNC when you plan to cut Aluminum and other metals.
Our mist unit is a stand-alone unit and does not require an air pressure source like a compressor.
It’s quiet, self contained and can be controlled from the G-Code.

DSP B51 Controller – 456$

The B51 controller upgrade will allow you to Control your machine with a graphic, color interface.
It also supports 4th axis control and is included in our 4th axis upgrade.

Mach3 controller – 761$

Replacing the DSP A11 controller, for the CNC users that want to control the machine with a computer and not with the handheld DSP.

Work area enlargement to 120cm x 60cm – 700$

The Emperor is able to grow to 120 cm on the Y axis with this upgrade. The X axis will still be 60 cm.

Lead times, shipping and taxes

Lead time

Each of our machines are made to order as each machine has different setup and requires our attention.

The usual lead time for a Penguin CNC machine is 10-12 weeks for the smaller machines and 12-14 weeks for the bigger machines. These periods of time are subject to allot of elements we cannot control.


Our machines are shipped to your preferred location. To select the shipping address fill it during your checkout.

For some location, the site will calculate the shipping costs immediately. If a shipping option is not found at checkout, that means that we need to get a special price quote for you. Please allow us up to 2 business days to setup a shipping quote according to your requested address.

Taxes and Tariffs

Every country has it’s own rules and regulation regarding the customs, VAT, taxes, tariffs and such. Please take into consideration that we cannot tell you what will this cost in the destination country. If unsure, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to make sure that you know the estimated overall cost of your new machine.

Returns and Refunds policy

As Penguin CNC machines are made to order, we do not accept Returns or refunds. Our staff will make sure that you are happy with your order and machine and will follow each and every one of your requests.