Penguin CNC Blue 8080

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Entry level desktop CNC with pro capabilities

The Blue CNC is perfect for manufacturers producing small parts at volume, or the aspiring home based manufacturer who needs a versatile machine capable of machining a variety of materials with high accuracy. It is equally suited for producing prototypes or batching production runs.

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All of our machines require a CAM software which generates the G-Code that runs the machine.
Our favourite CAM software is vCarve Pro by Vectric software.
So we got you a special price


The Blue Penguin CNC is our desktop CNC solution.

Keeping the CNC machine accurate, rigid and powerful as always, with the Blue CNC we have an affordable, entry level CNC machine.


This desktop CNC has some amazing new features including 80cm X 80cm work area, low foot print, standalone DDSC controller, MPG jog, optical limit switches, powerful Nema23 motors and 16mm ball bearing screws and 16mm Hiwin linear rails.


The Blue CNC is designed to be used as a dynamically sized unit. This means that you can set it’s width as required according to your workspace. It’s lightweight and easy to move around so you can use it on your workbench or directly on your workpiece.



Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 60 cm

1.5kw air cooled

Spindle speed

6,000-24,000 RPM


Movement speed: 6000mm / sec
Cutting speed: 3500mm / sec


1.5kw VFD

Working area

80cm X 80cm X 12cm
The machine can cut under the table height


Nema23 steppers with high torque settings

Linear motion

16mm ball screws and 15 mm Rails on all axis

Repositioning resolution



Provide your own


PCNC DDSC standalone v3.1P


Auto tool height sensor
MPG controller
Emergency stop button


AC220V/50Hz, 1-phase
AC110V/60Hz, 1-phase

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The usual lead time for a Penguin CNC machine is 10-12 weeks for the smaller machines and 12-14 weeks for the bigger machines. These periods of time are subject to allot of elements we cannot control.


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Returns and Refunds policy

As Penguin CNC machines are made to order, we do not accept Returns or refunds. Our staff will make sure that you are happy with your order and machine and will follow each and every one of your requests.