Penguin CNC, inc. is a joint effort by CNC owners, small manufacturers, marketing experts, and robotics designers to fill an unmet need in the CNC market.

The founders, Hanan and Yuval, were frustrated with the equipment available to the FIRST Robotics high-school team they mentored and were often unable to help their team complete projects as desired. Having previous experience with technology manufacturing, they felt it was possible to offer machines that met the needs they saw at much more affordable prices.

Then the world was shaken by the impact of COVID19 in late 2019 on manufacturing and supply chains. Hanan and Yuval realized there was a broader need for the machines they wanted to provide. Not just education, but many businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs were stymied by the cost of machines suited for accurate production work.

In response to the vulnerabilities that were exposed by the pandemic, they created a portfolio of high quality, accurate, and easy to use CNC mills that more than meet the needs of most aspiring and current CNC machine users.

Our CNC machines can be customized to fit your specific needs and are perfect for anyone who wants to start a manufacturing business, automate processes in their existing business, reduce risk by decreasing dependency on supply chains, or expand capabilities. 

Penguin CNC’s flag ship machine is the Penguin CNC GENTOO, which is an expertly balanced machine that represents our goal at Penguin CNC: To deliver reliable CNC routers designed to deliver accurate parts quickly at a reasonable price. 

This CNC is our pride and joy and it is where all started.

In addition to the GENTOO CNC, you can see the other sized machines we have designed in our catalog. If you have unique needs, contact us and we will be happy to customize a machine specific to your needs.n