Woodworking Machines

A single CNC machine can replace a jointer, a planner, a sander, a drill press and a table saw. Make room in your shop with a single CNC machine today.

Metalworking Machines

Each and every machine we sell is capable of cutting all kinds of wood and soft metals, all thanks to the powerful servo motors provided.


Now you can get your sign making business to a new level thanks to high speed and high accuracy of our CNC machines.



CNC Machines Made Easy

With user-friendly machine interfaces, sturdy one-piece frame, in-person machine and software training, and standard and customized table sizes, we make CNC easy to learn and use.

CNC Machines Are The Future - at Home

In the last decade, there was a a huge revolution that made the 3d printers become a household item. This decade starting in 2020, CNC will become accesible, easy to operate and above all – affordable. Penguin CNC is leading this revolution in small factor manufacturing.

Frequently asked questions

Since every CNC machine is made to order, the lead time will range between 8 to 14 weeks.

All of our CNC routers are equipped with closed loop servo motors and accurate linear motion systems. This  allows our CNC machines to cut polymers, soft wood, hard woods and soft metals like Aluminum and Brass.

Our CNC factory is able to produce custom CNC machines which are tailor made to your needs. If you can’t find the dimensions, add-ons or specs you are looking for, contact us at sales@pcncinc.com and we will help you with your quest for the perfect CNC machine for you.

A CNC router is a machine that controls a router (or a spindle) using a computer in two, three and up to 8 axis. There are many types of CNC Machines like CNC lathe, CNC cutters and more.

Every country in the world has it’s rules, pricing and challenges when it comes to importing heavy machinery. It is impossible for us to create automatic shipping quotes to any place in the world. If you cannot see a shipping quote at checkout, contact us at sales@pcncinc.com and we will help you sort the shipping out.

When you make an order, we will make our shipping manager contact you to explain the import process. As some countries have import fees for CNC machines, it is not always possible to tell the final cost of the CNC machine at your curve.

We will do our best to help you sort all of the costs while you check out.